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Services is the largest and the oldest tender portal here in Bangladesh. It has been operating since 2003, keeping all its subscribers updated with all the latest tender information. The subscribers are notified via email and SMS when a tender as per their preference has surfaced. The tender notices can also be viewed on the website of These tenders are collected on a regular basis even on the weekend and other national holidays.

Subscribers may ask to view or notify tenders based on different preference:

Categorization: At the time of registration, subscriber may to choose specific categories they work on, and these respective subscribers will be notified when their preferred tender has surface. For instance, if one works with Agriculture and food then he/she will be notified for all the tenders related to Agriculture and food only. However, subscribers can view all the other tenders via web.

Special Tenders: Subscribers may also choose in the category to get notified for special tenders like international tenders, EOI etc.

Auction: Subscribers may choose to get notified for tenders of auction and lease only. For instance, if one works with auction only, then they will only be notified for the tenders for auction only.

Organization: If a subscriber has all its business operations circling around any specific organization then they may want to select their preferred organizations here. For instance, if one selects the Ministry of Industries as their preferred organization, then they will only be notified for the tenders published by the Ministry of Industries. However, subscribers can view all the other tenders via web.

Working Sector: Subscribers may choose the field they work in, to get the tender solely of that particular area. For instance, if one selects NGO, as their area of work then they will only be notified for the tenders published related to NGO. However, subscribers can view all the other tenders via web.

Location: If a subscriber wishes to operate their business in a specific district then they may filter their tenders based on that location. For instance, if one selects Dhaka as their location, then they will be notified only when there is a tender related to that area. Subscribers may always choose multiple locations.

Subscribers will also be notified beforehand about any relevant tender deadlines.

Corrigendum Notices: This feature will help the subscribers to locate the original tender notice from the Corrigendum notice.

Market Insights: This innovative feature allows the subscribers to get insights of which products are to be sold in the near future and who are the mass customers. This will provide the subscribers to get the right deal at the right time.

Searching option: also has tender searching option, subscribers can always search for the tenders by simple related keywords and also be provided with suggestions while they type into the search box.
Subscribers will also have the opportunity to perform advanced search, there they may always select multiple items in any of above discussed field, or may even select multiple items in different fields to pin point their tender search.

Achieving Tenders: As a subscriber you can always achieve your liked tenders for future viewing.

Publishing Tender Notice: has this innovative feature of posting your own tender notices, at a very low cost of 500 only, one can simply post their tender notices and it will reach all the potential sellers registered here at This is a very cost-effective way to get your job done, and publishing tender notices on the newspapers is quite expensive.

All in all, the service provided by will ensure you with the mental satisfaction that you will never miss a tender, and the key to progress of your business will always be at your fingertips. Whether you are a buyer or a seller will always be there to get you the deal that will be the best for your organization.