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Private Tender Notice

Private tender notice publishing procedure:

BDTender has this innovative feature of posting your own private tender notices, at a very low cost of 1000 taka only, one can simply post their private tender notices and it will reach all the potential sellers/suppliers registered here at bdtender. This is a very cost-effective way to get your job done, and publishing private tender notices on the newspapers is quite expensive.

At present Pan Pacific Sonargoan, ICDDR'd, Indian High Commission etc are publishing here their private tender notices. This may help you tremendously for the purchase of goods from suppliers. After publish your private tender notice, thousands of suppliers will view your notice and submit quotation to you immediately. You can do a good purchase just by choosing the right supplier for the supply of right goods. By this way you can also reduce the expenditure, which means save the money for your organization. You can also see the number of visitors for your private tender notice.

The objectives are:

  • 1. Save money during purchase, just choose a good supplier and good price or competitive price
  • 2. Wide circulation of the private tender notice
  • 3. Less expensive than newspaper advertisement
  • 4. Quick advertisement
  • 5. Advertise limited tender notice also

Private tender notice publishing procedure:

  • 1. Write your private tender notice on you company pad and upload at
  • 2. BDTender will notify you after publish your private tender notice.
  • 3. BDTender will also publish your corrigendum notice if you have and make link with the original private tender notice.

Service Charge: 1150 Taka (Including 15% VAT) per private tender notice of maximum A4 size keep online up to the purchase closing date.

Private Tender Notice Form

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